Aerolite Installers and Distributors: Knowing the Difference Between Pink and Blue Insulation Foam Boards


Are you looking for a good insulation for your home either for your walls or roofing system? Polystyrene resin is the main material of pink and blue rigid insulation boards which is usually melted and then forced through a die, forming it into the desired shape. Pink and blue foam boards are identical with an R-5 per inch of thickness insulating value. There are two colors, pink and blue foam boards, which are sold under different brand names. Both foam boards are rigid insulation boards which are made from extruded polystyrene. There is a similarity in the manufacturing process, chemical composition, insulating capabilities of the two products, and their only difference is that they’re manufactured by two different foam board companies. The similarities rely on the variants like the color but the qualities are the same between the two foam boards. Click for more info.

Blue foam boards are used to sheath exterior walls with thin plastic films to protect the extruded polystyrene core of the foam board, adding extra strength to it. Those blue foam boards used for interior walls are unfaced, though some have convenient features like notches to the edges of the accommodation of wood nailing strips. There are also blue foam products which are designed for roofing as well as cavity wall applications. High-density blue foam boards can resist heavy loads’ compression when used beneath concrete slabs. Pink foam boards are used for roofing, exterior and interior wall sheathing, foundation insulation and under-slab insulation. Soil can be prevented from being clogged in the channels with the use of special pink foam products including below-grade foundation with a filtration fabric and drainage channels on the board’s surface. Pink foam products also have a precise thickness so it can tolerate different applications, most especially those with tight connections between the adjacent surface and the foam board.

Aside from pink and blue foam boards, other types of board panels are made of polyisocyanurate, which is rigid, strong and provides better insulation than pink and blue panels.Allow us to help you out with your roofing or insulation installation with the help of our expert roofers and installers. There is nothing impossible with the modern technology we have today, you always have options when it comes to home or commercial roofing. Learn more about roofing think pink insulation installation and other roofing installation procedures by checking our website or homepage now!

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